BATTLE CREEK EVANGELICAL FRIENDS CHURCH                                                                              SUNDAY SERVICE TIMES:

1305 OLIVE ST, BATTLE CREEK, MI  49014                                                                                  9:30 am & 11:00 am

p. 269-968-9376                f. 269-968-1968                                                                            Nursery: both services  




Sunday Services: 9:30 am & 11:00 am 


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Starting January 17, 2018

1.  The book of John

-Brent Swan


2.  Dave Ramsay's Financial Peace

-Ethan Moody and Maria Price


3.  Love and Respect

-Joel and Steph Nichols


4.  12 Women of the Bible

-Kyle Keller and Cindy Campbell


5.  Chasing Daylight

-Pastor Matt and Beth Smith


6.  Multiply

-Dave and Cindy Baird


7.  Living Through Anxiety

-Troy Massengale


8.  Bread of Life

-Leo Wilson


9.  Wilderness Life

-Caleb Smith


10.  Mindset

-Doug Hayward


11. Isaiah Book Study

-Suzanne Cory


12.  1st and 2nd Timothy

-Pastor Grafton  


*Meeting on Thursdays at 5:30pm

PALS-Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

-Cindy Cory



Sign up at the Welcome center today or

call the church office

All Groups are Wednesdays at 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm

Childcare will be provided for a small donation.  Please RSVP (Church office, 269-968-9376).

Meal will be provided for a small donation of $2 per person or $5 for family

   at 5:30pm.