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BATTLE CREEK EVANGELICAL FRIENDS CHURCH                                                                              SUNDAY SERVICE TIMES:

1305 OLIVE ST, BATTLE CREEK, MI  49014                                                                                  9:30 am & 11:00 am

p. 269-968-9376                f. 269-968-1968                                                                            Nursery: both services  


Sunday Services: 9:30 & 11:00 am


-Vision Statement- 

Be a community of young people, passionate about discipleship, and longing to follow Gods calling.


-Mission Statement- 

We exist to make disciples and encourage young people to live upright and Godly lives in this present age.

Wilderness is generally characterized by its inability to support human life, but it’s also where God has called many people in the Bible to either connect more deeply with Him, or bring His light. It is a picture of what our lives look like as Christ followers; going into the unknown or uninhabitable to shine His light, and to share the life-giving relationship we have with Jesus Christ. Wilderness is a symbol of our mission to go and follow God with everything we have.

Wilderness YM meets every Sunday at 6:00 pm. We eat together, play games, worship through music, and talk about Biblical truths.  



We eat together because it establishes a sense of community and brings students closer together.



Games are a great way to connect with our students and build relationship within the group.



This is essential to our vision and mission. Worship in its simplest form is devoting your very existence to God. We need to be raising up worshippers in the church and teaching our young people to worship God not just with their lips, but with their very being.



At Wilderness we start with the Bible. Every lesson we give stands on the truth. We believe the Bible offers a profound picture of the human condition, and perfectly points to the need for a relationship with Jesus. We want our teens to know scripture and to live it out in every aspect of their lives.

Why Wilderness  

What should I expect?


We want more people to be excited about what God is doing in their lives, and subsequently about what God is accomplishing worldwide. When God’s people act in faith, people are saved, borders are crossed, and the love of God is felt in the darkest places.

Wilderness YM is Battle Creek Friends Church Weekly high school youth group. We meet every Sunday at 6:00 pm at the Friends Center across the street from the main building.